Sanimist Sanitiser Spray – The Sustainable Choice for Hotel Odor Removal



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Sanimist Sanitiser Spray – The Sustainable Choice for Hotel Odor Removal

Sanimist Sanitiser Spray – The Sustainable Choice for Hotel Odor Removal


Hotel staff encounter numerous challenges daily, with one of the most distressing being the discovery of overpowering odours when preparing rooms for occupancy. Whether it’s stale smoke, spills, or unidentified sources, masking the smell won’t suffice. Sanimist Antiviral Odour/Germ Neutraliser by Zerodrytime offers a comprehensive solution, removing stubborn odours, disinfecting surfaces, and killing germs effectively. With its ease of use and proven effectiveness in eliminating odours and pathogens, Sanimist ensures that rooms remain fresh and hygienic for up to 7 days. Invest in Sanimist today to maintain a healthy, odour-free environment and safeguard your reputation and revenue.

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Hotel staff face many challenges every day, but one of the worst nightmares housekeeping staff encounter is to open a room door and to be confronted with an overpowering, rancid smell, particularly if the room is about to be occupied again in a few hours.
The source of the odour could be a guest that has smoked in a room, leaving everything from the curtains to the linen stinking of stale smoke, or someone who was sick or spilt food or drink on the carpet.* Worse yet, the source could be completely unidentifiable!
Simply masking the odour is not effective – the source of the smell must be eliminated. Regardless of the source, the room must be ready to receive guests, or you risk embarrassing conflict from customers at your reception desk, and ultimately losing revenue as it cannot be occupied.
Sanimist Antiviral Odour / Germ Neutraliser Unlike many commercial deodorisers and air fresheners, Zerodrytime’s Sanimist doesn’t simply mask odours; it removes stubborn smells from many sources, including smoke, food, pets and mould, whilst disinfecting and killing germs on all surfaces with minimal effort.
Help Keep All Your Rooms Healthy & Odour-Free. Use in any room (from entrance/ lobby to bedrooms, gyms, and steam rooms). Eliminates odours, leaving a fresh clean smell that lasts up to 7 days. Eliminates microorganisms including E- coli, Salmonella and Legionella. Kills germs responsible for bad smells, colds, flu, staph infections, and MRSA. Cost effective and easy to use – depress nozzle and leave for one hour.

Fully tested to BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650. Immediately address any lingering odour with Zerodrytime so you can continue maximising your revenue for every available room.
You might think you don’t need us now, but why take the risk?
* In addition, your carpets and upholstery may also need to be deep cleaned.
Additional cans may also be required for larger spaces. Must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


Keep your rooms healthy and odour-free. Available in a range of different sizes, our mattress protectors will help keep your mattresses clean and fresh, prolonging their life Why use mattress protectors?
Save hotel employees time. Save on washing costs and increase hygiene. Waterproof material provides protection from spills and liquids.

Washable fabric means easy cleaning between uses. Durable and breathable, extending mattress lifespan.

Healthy anti-allergy protection. Healthy anti-allergy protection for you and your mattress.

Size: 500 ML

500 ML

Bottles: 1

1, 6, 12


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